About Us

A perfect sunset Ocean Daze surf

Ocean Daze began with a vision of creating a brand that had the whole family in mind, for those that love not only the beach and outdoors but the ocean and its future. As a mum to outdoorsy, beach and water loving boys, this was the key focus and driving force behind the brand.

Through the fun, fresh and predominantly ocean orientated designs I aim to portray the message of the freedom that the water and oceans give us whether we are surfers, paddleboarders, kayakers, kite surfers and any other water sport lover or just enjoy a day on the beach with a splash in the sea.

As well as driving awareness of how important it is to protect and respect the oceans we have for the future generations. This doesn’t just have to be done at the beach itself, our every day lives give us the perfect opportunity to start protecting the oceans with our use of plastics and products we buy and use within our home life.

My aim is for Ocean Daze to be as plastic free as possible and to support other local North Devon providers and suppliers within our product range and production and overall business.